Informatica Powercenter is an ETL ( Extract, Transform and Load) tool in the Data warehouse and Business Intelligence area. Its an product of Informatica Corp which also offers a wide variety of Business Intelligence products. Informatica is the pioneer in the ETL space. It has a foot print of nearly 40 % in the ETL space. Informatica offers a lot of GUI based interface which is very easy to learn. It also offers a lot of support to the SQL based databases.

It's one of the tools which offers a wide variety of support to all the databases including Hadoop, Aster etc... This tool provides a very easy interface to perform medium to complex scale ETL operations.

Informatica has a service oriented architecture where multiple machines can be controlled and monitored using an single console. It is also called as web oriented architecture as everything runs on a web based service.

Informatica Powercenter the ETL tool of informatica comes with four different client based interfaces.

Designer - To Build Sources, Targets and Mappings

Workflow Manager - To Build workflows

Monitor - To Monitor and run the workflow.

Repository Manager - Manages the repositories and configure the users groups and folders.

It also has an adminstrator console where all the permissions and load balancing of servers are configured.